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Sometimes people don’t come back into your life for you to keep them. In fact, I’d wager that they double back as sort of a cosmic reminder that there is no such thing as an opportunity missed or a stone unturned. All roads lead to the path of self-discovery and isn’t that just it? Isn’t that the best feeling in the world? To know that you can’t get it right and that you may never get it done; that you are ever growing, ever discovering, ever sifting through the contrast of what you like and what you don’t like in order to create meaningful experiences that you do.  

This morning I stand in gratitude and in the sweetness of knowing that I have everything I need and a whole lot of what I want. I know that there has not now or will there ever be a road less traveled. Life is a journey and I am my destination. In the most appropriate words of Shirley Caesar, “I wouldn’t take nothing for my journey now, come too far to turn around”.

Lesson: 590, 389, 898 and counting…

I’m more than certain that it’s okay to take trips down memory lane as long as we are using those trips as a measuring tool. I know where I’ve been but where I’m going excites me to no end!

Xoxo, ShawnN’theSonShine


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The thing we leave behind (reluctantly)

I want to give you all the thoughts that I think towards you so that even though the bringer of light will not be present you can keep a corner of me to wash over yourself when the lonelies creep in, climb over you, and things become too quiet to speak.


When you visit stillness you will be visiting me. 


Know that all of my prayers are with you and even though you do not believe that they are effective It is my hope that one day all the love and light that I feel for you overtakes you, even more than that I hope that it arrest you, places both arms around you and rocks your to sleep, cuddling all the things that you hide from me and everyone else.  


When you stand before yourself in the mirror completely naked and disarmed you will see you as I see you, beautifully broken in all the right places.


I hold only peace when thinking of you and ask for your forgiveness should any of my actions have caused you unrest, or hurt, or even confusion.  Please accept these words as a gift left at the foot of your bed in worship of what was, what could have been, and what may never be.


 In the purity of my being know that I never mean to harm. Sometimes I am like the water that crawls inside the rock, when the water freezes the rock breaks against itself.


 I’m working on choosing stronger rocks.


I believed you to be one of strength however such beautiful devotion to ones body should be paid to the whole so that we find balance.


 I pray balance for you. 


 It is my goal to leave each person better then they were when we got there. I am not sure that I succeeded in that with you. I send to you all the happiness that your heart can hold, soul to soul contact with one who sees you, and the fulfillment of every dream whether it rings in the back ground or is sung aloud. The song I sing for you is, all shall be well, all shall be well, and all manner of things shall be well!


Bless you, bless you, and bless you.


Love Ra,


-Bringer of light

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Thanks for giving!

Today my heart I full and my life is a testimony to Psalms 84: 11, “For the LORD God is a sun and shield; the LORD bestows favor and honor; no good thing does he withhold from those whose walk is blameless”. Today I am thankful for hearts that surround me unselfishly, who promote goodness and purity, whose presence bring comfort and peace, who love knows no boundaries and who’s laughter keeps me light. I am thankful for my Gloria whose mirror like refection teaches me the song of strength, my father who teaches me patience and how to be gentle, my younger brother Jordan who lets me be who I am in my purest form of foolishness, my older brother who sacrifices himself in harms way so as to show me all the roads not to go down, and for my friends, Raquel, Angela, Nicole, Tia, Heather, Jemi, Ebony, Ali, Dalan, and Yossi who listen to my stories, who take time to pray with me and for me, who celebrate life with me, who fight with me, who cry with me, who travel with me, who visit me; you hold my hand, you dance with me, and you listen to me talk incessantly about boots and boys. I love you with my life!







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I’m not sure who sent it but… Thank you : )

I found this in my in-box I’m not sure who sent it but thanks : )

she is sandstorm eyes
whitewash lips
stanzas stuck to the back of her throat
lines tracing off into eternity
a song waiting to be written
a poem in process
every part of me that moves starts somewhere under her skin

i am callouses on my knuckles and palms
a song burnt into every one
heart full of growth
a body pushed to burst
love left in the liner notes
a secret scratched into the margins
a kiss for her tomorrow
a new promise

together we are half a body of goosebumps
a moleskin full of dreams
3 kids and a backyard
short walks during sunrise
afternoon naps
a bent fretboard
music everywhere

someday maybe even a completed poem